8 Ways To Make Your Open House a Success

As a Realtor in a competitive marketplace with inventory continually increasing, are you doing all you can to make your listings stand out? Planning an open house? Here are eight ways to make your open house a success in 2024! 

Focus on the main objectives. 

Remember the three main objectives of having an open house to make your open house a success. First, an open house generates leads. Second, it’s a time to promote your brand. And the third objective is to sell the listing. 

Hence, every step you take before, during and after the open house should help achieve those goals. 

Research the area.

Before the open house, get to know the ins and outs of your listing and those of similar listings in the area. 

Go beyond online research and do a walk-through of some of the properties, and note what features each offer that your listing may not and what your listing offers that they do not. Then, you will be ready to share your local knowledge with comparable details on your listing and others in the area if a potential buyer asks. 

Schedule appropriately. 

And when it comes to scheduling, know your market. Will an afternoon or after-work open house be best? Or are weekends more flexible? Don’t forget to check the community calendar to plan your event around other popular happenings in town. 

Use your network to partner with another local business. 

Partner with one or several local businesses for cross-promotions. Whether it’s a local restaurant or bakery providing small bites and sweets or an interior designer offering a raffle item or a free consultation, create excitement with your open house.  

Promote your open house.

Use various strategies to promote your open house. Consider writing a blog about the upcoming event and feature the home on your website. If you posted a property showcase on the home, re-share it on your homepage with a new graphic and blurb about the upcoming open house.

Share the open house details on social media, including any cool cross-promotions, giveaways and more. Create print materials to reach a wider audience. Send direct mailers to target markets. Hand out fliers, hit the streets with door hangers and post unique signage. 

Make it an event.

Showcase local talent and have live music in the living room or backyard. Display the works of local artists and host an “art exhibition.” Max out your cross-promotions with raffles and giveaways.

Have a sign-in sheet.

Start by kindly letting guests know upon entering that the homeowner requests each visitor sign in for security purposes. But instead of a pen and notebook, hand them an iPad and use an app like the Open Home Pro, for example. 

Be ready to answer buyer questions.

Demonstrate your expertise by being prepared to answer common buyer questions, ranging from house background to information about the neighborhood. A few common questions include how long the sellers have lived there, why they are moving, the age of the appliances, the average monthly utility bill and how old the roof is.


Finally, make your open house a success by having informative handouts and promotional items set out. Share statistics about the home, the neighborhood, local services, the school district and other helpful information. Have water bottles with your name and contact info printed on the labels. Bring other seasonal goodies, like sunglasses or hats, with your logo to promote your brand. Keep reading our blogs for more Realtor tips and news! 

How to Stay Safe When Selling Your Home

Selling your home involves several moving parts, including securing your property during the process. With a focus on safety, here are some ideas on how to stay safe when selling your home.

Do a walk-through with your Realtor.

The walk-through with your Realtor is the first step in learning more about how to stay safe when selling your home. Your Realtor will review safety tips and more.

During the walk-through, Realtors remind sellers to check all entrances and exits to the home, including all window locks, ensuring they are secure and in working order. They will also review what items to remove or store while showing your home.

Secure your valuables and personal items.

After the walk-through, go through your home and prepare it for future showings. Store personal items such as valuables, paperwork, prescription medicines and family photos, for example, in a safe location.

Check your locks and security systems.

Before and after every showing, check the locks on the doors and windows. If your home is not equipped with a camera doorbell or other security system and features, consider adding some for additional safety while selling your home.

Your Realtor will always be present to show your home.

If someone is interested in seeing your home, your Realtor will work with them directly and keep you informed. Realtors should always be present for the showing. They often arrange for the sellers to be away from the property during that time.

Go over your agent’s screening process.

Part of being a Realtor is prioritizing safety, not just that of clients and their homes, but their safety. Realtors typically have a screening process to help identify serious buyers.

As a seller, ask your Realtor about the steps taken to ensure safety during showings and open houses.

Use lockboxes.

Lockboxes secure your keys, and they are electronic, so they can track who has access to your home. They add yet another layer of security during the selling process.

Create an open house checklist.

Finally, work with your Realtor to create an open house checklist. Ask if anyone will assist your Realtor at the event, whether they collect contact information from visitors and more.


Now that you know more about how to stay safe when selling your home, it’s time to connect with a local expert! Are you in the Lee County area and ready to list your home? Connect with one of our REALTORS!

And for more real estate tips and industry news, continue reading our blogs.